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Best Paletas

Paletería Diana

Paletas are Mexican popsicles, and Paletería Diana is operated by the daughter of the Pico de Gallo family across the parking lot, so you know this will be something fresh, surprising and delicious. Diana offers a fantasia of more than 50 different kinds of paletas, unheard of even in Mexico. This is not self-conscious nouvelle cuisine: cucumber and chile paletas, pinon paletas, avocado paletas, corn paletas, paletas made from wild organ pipe cactus fruit known in Sonora as pitaya. Even, um, Clamato paletas. Our favorite though, is the glory of all paletas, the mole poblano paleta: rich and complex, the only slightly sweet chile-chocolate mole has an almost chewy texture. Go now before the Food Network, The New York Times, and Sunset Magazine beat you to it. No street address here; just look for the little lavender house with giant pastel paletas painted on it at the southwest corner of 36th Street and Sixth Avenue.