Best Of Tucson®

Best Painting Exhibitions

Nancy Tokar Miller at Etherton Gallery; Joe Forkan at Temple Gallery

Nancy Tokar Miller, one of Tucson's most accomplished painters, makes oils on canvas so loose and so thinly painted they're almost transparent. She often conjures up far-flung places from Southeast Asia to Spain in her works, but this year, she turned her attention closer to home. Her lovely new paintings luxuriated in the play of water and light at Tucson's Agua Caliente Park, and evoked the park's lineaments with an Asian economy. Joe Forkan is her opposite number. His oils on canvas are thick and lustrous, and celebrate the full spectrum of traditional painting subjects, from studio nudes to architecture to landscapes. But in paintings that veer from realism to abstraction and back, he transforms and redefines every genre he attempts; his true subject is painting itself.