Best Of Tucson®

Best Outdoor Venue

Anselmo Valencia Tori Amphitheater

The music went on and on, minute after minute, with astonishing variations, never once repeating itself. And so it was at the Earth, Wind and Fire concert at the AVA. Creepy how Orwell could have foreseen that 60 years ago. Anyway, AVA is magical. It's the right size and the right shape—and the acoustics are magnificent. There's nothing like sitting under the stars on an early autumn evening and listening to a band you grew up with. (NOTE: Orwell also wrote execrate them as barbarous outrages upon morality and common sense, but that doesn't apply, because Steve Perry is no longer singing with Journey.)

Runners up:

2. DeMeester Outdoor Performance Center

Reid Park, 22nd Street and Country Club Road

3. TIE

La Placita Village

110 S. Church Ave.

Tucson Electric Park

2500 E. Ajo Way