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Tucson Ultimate Frisbee

Tired of the soulless gym vibe, but gotta stay in shape? Looking to enrich your social life but find the local bars a little sketchy? You may find what you're looking for in Ultimate Frisbee. It's kind of like soccer, football and basketball combined, but without all the pesky, confusing rules, and with a whole lot of laid-back good cheer, friendly support and post-game beer drinking. Ultimate, both a competitive and cooperative sport, encourages everyone, even the sucky players, to participate, and you'll find teenagers hucking the disc to their balding teammates in this coed league. While players come from all walks of life, Ph.D. candidates, med students and other science-y types seem to be particularly well represented. Participation is only $25 and includes a cool T-shirt. You might finally find that wacky, loving family you never had.