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La Cocina

La Cocina's all but enchanted split-level patio twinkles with lights in olive trees that spread their shade into every corner. You're never far from the trickling sound of a small waterfall in a central pond, banked with plants and tall grasses in which a miniature ore cart sits as if waiting for someone to finish its story. Birds hop about and dogs laze at the feet of owners eating, drinking and chatting at the Presidio neighborhood's favorite hangout. Bright shops bustle and glow all around. Friendly, knowlegable waitstaff are happy to bring you vegan versions of almost everything. Musicians perform nightly on the outdoor stage. But the BOT seating is actually elsewhere. It's a semi-covered patio behind the cantina, where smokers, musicians and young urbanites gather. Drinks come fast there via a window to the bar, and you always run into someone you know.

Runners up:

2. Cup Cafe

311 E. Congress St.


3. Blue Willow

2616 N. Campbell Ave.


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