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Blue Willow

READERS' PICK: Cloistered by the age of eight, the 12th-century monastic ecoutrice Hildegard von Bingen has blessed us with her ethereal spirituals. Imagine her heavenly voice floating over you as you enjoy breakfast. An angel choir could usher in your meal--whether a Sunday ritual or a midweek foray. Apt theme music indeed for such a nurturing, cloistered outdoor dining experience. The back garden offers a place of refuge. Perhaps it's the calm and efficient waitstaff, tending to your every gustatory need. Perhaps it's the quiet, save for the chirping birds. Our guess is it's the enshrouding screened rooftop that the staff cranks little by little until the whole garden is covered in a cozy, gray netting: safe from those aforementioned birds' droppings; safe from buzzing flies ready to dive into your half stack; safe from the whole, bad, angry world whizzing by on Campbell Avenue miles away out front.