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Summit Hut

Afraid of the dark? Bears? Gastrointestinal bugs? Frostbite? Rain? Twisting an ankle? Poison ivy? Cold food? Going hungry? Getting lost? Sunburn? Boredom? Falling off a cliff? Zombies? The amazing Summit Hut has the solutions for these and many other common outdoor problems (except for maybe the zombies). Check out the seemingly endless selection of headlamps, pepper spray, water filters, gloves, tents, boots, first aid kits, stoves, compasses, sunscreen, toys and climbing gear. One of our writers remembers visiting this place way back in the late '70s (think bad hair and worse clothes) when it was just a tiny hole in the wall over near the UA Main Gate. Now, two huge brick-and-mortar stores and an online operation will outfit just about any wild-ass outdoor expedition you can imagine.

Runner up:

2. Sportsman's Warehouse, 3945 W. Costco Drive, 877-4500,

Vote of note: "Barbeques Galore"

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