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Summit Hut

READERS' PICK: Some people buy SUVs they'll never take off-road in an effort to recast themselves as bold explorers. We like to go to Summit Hut and buy travel gear, safari clothing, climbing gear, packs, tents and more. There are shoes that repel water and shoes that stick to rock. There are tents for one person and tents for 10 people. There are packs with more pockets than a herd of kangaroos. Heck, there are travel wallets with more pockets than the packs. Need to be told where to go? There are books covering all of Arizona's outdoor adventures. Need a map to get there? They've got that too. They'll even give you some stuff you need for free. The sales staff are knowledgeable adventurers who will give the inside story on where to go and what to do. And, you posers, scrap the SUV, save the $30K and just pick up a T-shirt at Summit Hut. You'll look just as cool.

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