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Food Conspiracy Co-op

When the co-op was founded back in 1971, shopping there was akin to making a political statement. Now, after countless changes in management, the co-op has become a neighborhood institution, committed to providing the highest-quality food at the best prices. Granted, it's often difficult to compete with the big-box natural-food stores, but how cool it is to not have to ask where the organic produce is, because it's all organic! After three decades of debate over whether or not to move the store to a locale with higher visibility and better parking, the Co-op has finally re-committed to its Fourth Avenue roots with a deli expansion, a facelift and more organics. Having turned a profit in the last several years, it's clear (thank goodness) the Co-op isn't going anywhere.

Runners up:

2. Sprouts Farmers Markets (formerly Sunflower)

Various locations

3. Trader Joe's

Various locations

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