Best Of Tucson®

Best Organic Food Store

Sunflower Farmers Market

So you've read the books and seen the movies, and now you're pissed about the industrial food complex in this country—but you don't have the income to burn on all those pricey organic fruits and veggies and natural products everyone is telling you will save the world. Luckily, there's Sunflower Market, where you can find seasonal produce at, as they themselves admit, "silly prices." At Best of Tucson® deadline, organic roma tomatoes were $1.49 a pound, and fresh organic berries were going for $2.99 a package, which isn't much when you think about all those antioxidants you're getting—and those pesticides you're not. The selection of other organic foods is just as good as their more seriously priced competition, and their beer and wine department is impressive. You won't feel like you'll have to sell your nutritionally-rich plasma to afford to eat.

Runners up:

2. Food Conspiracy Co-op

412 N. Fourth Ave.


3. Trader Joe's

Various locations

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