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Best Organic Food Store

Food Conspiracy Co-Op

Whatever ingredient a recipe calls for, the Food Conspiracy Co-Op will likely have it in its unadulterated, pesticide-free and hormone-free natural state. What's also lovely about the co-op is that much of its stock can be bought in bulk, such as huge assortments of teas, snacks, nuts and pastas. There are toothbrushes with natural, undyed, unbleached bristles, as well as staples like Dr. Bronner's magic hemp soap. There's also a huge collection of herbs to create whatever kind of potion you may desire. Then there's the produce section, about half the size of one in a supermarket, but somehow with an even bigger selection in all of its leafy, organic glory.

Runners up:

2. Trader Joe's, Various locations,

3. Sunflower Farmers Market, 4645 E. Speedway Blvd., 325-1320; 7877 E. Broadway Blvd., 546-6112