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KXCI-FM, 91.3

STAFF PICK: Our otherwise predictable airwaves feature one weekly show that draws gasps of approval from progressive musicians and jaded, East Village aficionados alike. Every Thursday at midnight community radio KXCI, known for courageous, diverse programming, brings us the appropriately titled Ragged Edge, devoted to exploring the abjectly non-commercial sonic fringes of music. From improv monsters to electronic experimentalists, long-time KXCI stalwart Steve Hahn presents an uncategorizable mix of music few radio shows would dare to play. Pick your modern master: early trailblazers Ornette Coleman and the intergalactic journey of Sun Ra; contemporary giants like Henry Threadgill and Derek Bailey; downtown NYC improvisers like John Zorn and Joey Baron. This show spins challenging, creative artists and their timeless, original music. If your tastes fall anywhere between the edgy beauty of Mr. Coltrane and avant-funk, or somewhere in the range of howling free-form guitar noise, or even if you've never heard of any of those, give The Ragged Edge a listen. Tim Berne rules! Your ears will never be the same.

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