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Best of Tucson 2021: Legends of the West

A mighty big welcome to Best of Tucson®: Legends of the West! We started plottin’ this here fandango months ago, so we’re as happy as a weasel in a hen house to sew it all up.

It takes a whole posse to bring this rodeo together. First of all, muchas gracias to our readers. Nearly 12,000 of you let us know about this burg’s finest watering holes, Arbuckle joints, chuckwagons, mercantile establishments and such. 

Jeff Gardner, Emily Dieckman, Alexandra Pere, Tom Danehy and Margaret Regan scribbled the words, Sheryl Kocher slapped on her spectacles to make sure the words were all spelt right, while Ryan Dyson and Emily Filener made the pages look pretty. Muchas gracias to longtime TW amigo Hector Acuña for his bang-up cover, which I reckon we’ll all agree is as purty as a picture.

Crackerjack web editor Mike Truelsen stitched together the digital edition and got it all online for those youngins who prefer pixels to ol’-fashioned paper. (What is the world comin’ to?) You can flip through the digital version here.

Another thank you to all the advertisers who were rounded up by the sales gang, led by Tyler “Two-Gun” Vondrak and backed up by Kristin “Crazy Horse” Chester, Candace “Candy Cane” Murray and Lisa “The Fence” Hopper.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jaime Hood and Claudine Sowards kept all the iron horses running on time, while circulation manager Alex Carrasco made sure the issues got loaded onto the wagons and dropped off all over this dusty cow town. 

Special thanks to TW publisher Steve Strickbine and all the rest of the city slickers up north for all the help. There’s no one we’d rather ride the river with!

Now the whole kit and caboodle is in your paws, so I might as well quit all my yappin’ so you can get to readin’ it and have yourself a hog-killin’ time.

Jim Nintzel, Executive Editor

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