Best Of Tucson®

Best of Tucson™ 2003

The Best Show on Earth!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to Best of Tucson™ 17!

Tucson's cast of thousands—that's you, the Tucson Weekly's readers—voted in April, May and June in more than 130 categories. The results presented here, with great fanfare, are as accurate as ever. Hundreds of ballots were submitted, and due to diligent watching for ballot stuffing, two businesses were thrown out for obvious stuffing efforts.

It's also important to remember that much has happened in Tucson since balloting occurred, most notably the Aspen Fire. Keep this in mind when perusing the various results.

This year, we decided to give businesses and groups who have won a Best of Tucson™ category in five consecutive years a little more attention. They're spotlighted throughout the issue as "Perennial Center Ring" winners.

Congrats to all the businesses, places, organizations and individuals who have won, placed or showed. Best of Tucson™ is truly a three-ring celebration of the greatest that Tucson has to offer. While the Old Pueblo is far from perfect, while looking through this 17th annual Best of Tucson™, it's easy to conclude that we live in one helluva place—a place that could rival any other locale for the title of best place on Earth.

With that, let's get on with the show!

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