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Best Nouvelle Cuisine


3770 E. Sunrise Drive

READERS' PICK: When the noodniks ran Janos out of downtown to make room for God knows what, there was a real fear that Tucson would lose one of the best chefs in the entire country. That didn't happen, but you still have to drive up into the hills, get all dressed up and pay more for parking than you would for an entire meal at Pat's Chili Dogs to eat at the new Janos. Nestled in La Paloma Resort, Janos still reigns supreme in Tucson, if not all of Arizona. His daring menu and fun choices make for an absolute adventure in fine dining. During the summer he features specials that start at a scandalously low $12.95. Get your reservations in now because starting in mid-November, he'll be booked solid through the winter. And don't forget the chocolate-jalapeño ice cream.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Wildflower, 7037 N. Oracle Road.