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Best Non-Traditional Mexican food

Martin's Comida Casera

With a curious, macabre lucha libre theme, Martin's establishes itself as a sideshow sort of Mexican joint. The prices are more than reasonable, and the food is unique, delicious and made fresh (which means there might be a little wait, but it's well worth it). Order at the counter and have a seat on the velvet banquette, or take a table on Fourth Avenue and watch the crowds. Soon, Martin will bring you chips and salsa, which you can wash down with homemade horchata or jamaica. (There are free refills, so drink up!) Vegetarians in particular are thrilled at the variety of options--instead of the usual bean burrito, one can enjoy a protein-packed burro natural with soy chorizo, eggs, whole pinto beans and vegetables. Even the carnivores among us often opt for the veggie tacos, which are made with Martin's calabacitas, the best in the world, as far as we know. Be sure to check out the funky, urban, scarlet-red restroom.

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