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Best Non-Naked Lunch Special

Rocco's Little Chicago

This particular movie theme goes no further, as it would do a serious disservice to anyone who actually wants to eat. A "special" is serious business-its Webster's definition includes phrases such as "distinguished from what is ordinary" and "of particular value." The definition also implies rarity, so when you're lucky enough to find a true special that occurs with heart-stopping regularity (from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., every day), "exterminate all rational thought" and set up a tent nearby. For $4.29, you'll get a full-plate salad worthy of a fancy foothills restaurant, followed by a huge piece of pizza that groans under the weight of cheese, two toppings (choose from among 24) and excellent red sauce. A wings-plus-pizza combination is also available.

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