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Tucson Weekly

READERS' PICK: You think we're going to sing our praises all over again? See "Best Print News," previously.

B-SIDE: Bear Essential News. The kids are alright. The Bear Essential News, a monthly newspaper for kids, has been around for 20 years now. Editor and publisher Stephen Gin should be lauded for his tireless efforts to introduce school-age children to the world of journalism. According to the News' mission statement, the "newspaper is designed to promote reading and writing skills as well as creativity"; this is accomplished primarily through the stories written by young reporters, who undergo a fairly rigorous training--learning about questioning techniques, note-taking, balanced coverage, etc.--before embarking on interviews and fact-finding missions. Noteworthy, too, is the newspaper's relationship with KVOA-TV 4; young reporters learn how a news program is put together and are then able to broadcast their own items in the "News 4 Kids" segment.

B-SIDE: East side, west side, all around the nation, the Sunday New York Times is the choice of those who think. Many of us who are weary of the local Daily Fluffy find a whole week's news in our Sunday Times. It has long stories about important events in our country and around the world. This is something a newspaper should have. OK, there are no comics, but there is the wedding of the week. (We like to bet on how long that marriage will last.) The Style section keeps you trendy, and the business section gives you an inkling of insider knowledge. Travel offers destinations both mundane and exotic with really helpful information. If you have any time left to read a book, the Book Review will help you choose from the latest publications. You can have the whole package delivered to your sidewalk, or buy it at your grocery store.