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Best Noir Drink


How about a little film noir in a glass? Just thinking about that sultry, double-crossing dame Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity casts a shadow on our integrity. Don't panic; it's not arsenic and old lace. Leave it to those kinky Brits to deliver Blavod (black vodka) triple-distilled and double charcoal-filtered 80-proof vodka flavored with the black Burmese herb catechu. At trendy NoRTH, they serve the black-and-blue martini with Blavod and bleu cheese-stuffed olives. The bartender said that people either like it or go psycho. The possibilities preclude a close encounter of the best kind. But if a bit of liquid black magic is too evil for your comfort zone, go Sybil and try the mint and cucumber mojito. It tastes like a fresh facial treatment in a glass.

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