Best Of Tucson®

Best Newcomer to the North Side

Santillo's Bar and Grill

Next year, this place just might win Best Chicken Wings (except that such a readers' category does not yet exist). These tiny appetizers are pretty common around town, but the wings at this northwest-side bar and grill put all others to shame. They're crispy, moist and big, and you get a baker's dozen (that's 13, in case you didn't know). The other bar food is pretty damn good, too. Buffalo's answer to a roast beef sandwich is called the beef on 'weck (that's a kummelweck roll, in case you didn't know). Add cold beer, a convivial atmosphere and friendly servers, and you've got yourself a great little watering hole. During NFL season, football will be featured on Sundays (that's Buffalo Bills football, in case you didn't know).