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Best New Local News Concept

News at Nine, KWBA Channel 58

Considering the local freak show of TV newscasts trolling for awards at any cost, WB Channel 58 may be on to something. The idea of presenting the "late" news at 9 p.m. has merit in a town that tends to sack out early. What's equally unique is the source of their news: KOLD Channel 13, complete with KOLD's anchor, Chris Pickel, popping up to promote what's on KOLD news at 10. So, it's recycled news. Still, the idea of News at Nine is worthy of exploration and support. Anchor Heather Rowe has a solid news background, and once you get past Joan Lee's gitty persona doing weather, you're left with what local newscasts should be: raw news unencumbered by glitzy graphics and infomercials thinly veiled as "news."