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Rainbow Guitars

READERS' PICK: Rainbow continues to be the best full-service music emporium in town. It is a licensed distributor for the best brand names of musical instruments of all varieties, which translates to rows and rows of Fender strats and teles, Gibson Les Pauls, Martin guitars and Fender and Marshall amplifiers. Rainbow also has a big inventory of drums, keyboards and sound equipment, and all the sticks, stones, strings, stands, cables, flangers, compressors, splitters, noisemakers and maelstrom raisers that any up and coming speed-metal guitar jock could ever dream of. In addition, you can get lessons through the store, or do it yourself with music books and instructional videos. Rainbow is also Tucson's best repair shop. And don't forget the vintage instruments room filled with old Rick basses, Brazilian rosewood D-28s and time-worn Fenders.

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