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Best Mural

Joe Pagac's Rialto Theatre Murals

If you need someone to paint a mural of the upcoming apocalypse, Joe Pagac is your man—as comic John Hodgman discovered during an appearance at the Rialto Theatre earlier this year. Hodgman, impressed by Pagac's rotating murals on the side of the Rialto, invited the painter onstage to do a massive interpretation of Hodgman's predicted apocalypse. Pagac nailed it, from the claws of Cthulhu to the monstrous dog-storm. Not only that; he had the entire thing finished before Hodgman concluded the show—and Pagac even had time to help Hodgman read a few lines. When he's not performing onstage, Pagac paints everything from downtown murals to fine art, with a few of his pieces recently on display in the Hotel Congress lobby. Keep up the good work, Joe.

Runners up:

2. "Windows to the Past, Gateway to the Future" (by Steve Farley)

3. Fourth Avenue underpass