Best Of Tucson®

Best Mural

Broadway Underpass Wall (by Steve Farley)

Best mural ... in a town like ours, this is indeed a toughie. A dastardly scheme undertaken by the city of Tucson to deny our seafaring origins, this beauteous stretch of wall illustrates what the town must have looked like in days of yore--preening men in fedoras, snazzy ladies in fur, silly old hats. Yes, this barrier is best, injecting a little extra glamour into an already glamorous street before you end up at even more glamorous places, such the Hotel Congress or maybe even El Con Mall. No sandy renditions of reptiles or boogying Kokopelli here! Just pure swank, the way you've always liked it.

Runners up:

2. Stone Curves, North Stone Avenue

3. Farmer John Meats, 1102 W. Grant Road