Best Of Tucson®

Best Mural

Broadway Underpass Wall (by Steve Farley)

This mural scores for technology alone: Steve Farley invented a whole new art medium to create it. Featuring old photos he collected from the community, the work is as interesting for pedestrians as for the 30,000 or so automobile passengers that swoop by it daily. Up close, you can marvel at the photographic technique which, tile for tile, seems like optical magic. You can also get a better look at the faces, including that of Lalo Guerrero at the far west end, and read a list of names of those pictured. The source of the mural's abiding appeal is the way it personalizes our history. With its three companion images heading east, it's a channel of continuity with those who built our town along this byway.

Runners up:

2. Stone Curves North Stone Avenue
3. Hippie Gypsy, 351 N. Fourth Ave., 624-0667

Vote of note: "All over South Tucson"