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Broadway Underpass Wall

Ah, walking. Remember walking? Steven Farley's murals on the Broadway underpass remind us of this pleasure every time we drive past them. These larger-than-life tile reproductions of Tucsonans walking downtown, back in the 1940s, continue to astonish with their presence and style, not to mention their nostalgic vision of street life in Tucson. They've been there long enough now that these huge, heroic characters--everyday people, striding forward--have started to seem as familiar as our neighbors. The little girl with her Mary Janes shining, the long-armed guy with his hair combed straight back--they were part of downtown once. Now they're part of it again.

Runners up:

2. Stone Curves, North Stone Avenue

3. Oasis Vegetarian Eatery and Food Company, 375 S. Stone Ave.

Unclear on the concept vote: A Mountain

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