Best Of Tucson®

Best Movie Theater

The Loft Cinema

The reason the Loft keeps winning this award is that everyone in town has a reason to vote for it. Cult monster epics? Got 'em. Obscure foreign-language dramas? Check. Year-round camp favorites? That, too. Sundance/Cannes/Telluride/SXSW winners? Count on it. Continuing education in essential classics, for free? What a public service! Shorts competitions, a kids' film festival, an overnight scream-athon, monthly screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (still!), HDTV screenings of world-class opera and theater performances—only at the Loft. They'd own this "Best" even if they hadn't given us an entire month of Muppets.

Runners up:

2. Century El Con 20

3601 E. Broadway Blvd.

(800) 326-3264, ext. 903

3. Century Park Place 20

5870 E. Broadway Blvd.

(800) 326-3264, ext. 902