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Best Movie Theater

Loft Cinema

Beer-drinking, pizza-eating and movie-watching are a few of our favorite games, for sure, and all can be played at the Loft Cinema. The nonprofit arts organization that runs the landmark theater on Speedway Boulevard books thoughtful and entertaining films (mutually exclusive concepts at most movie mansions these days), showing not only the best of today's flicks, but also a consistently watchable series of classics and cult films. The edible fare sits high above the typical multiplex offerings as well. Where else in town can you get a microbrew or two, a slice or three of Fresco pizza, and a Fargo revival?

Runners up:

2. Century Park Place 20, 5870 E. Broadway Blvd., (800) 326-3264, ext. 903,

3. Century El Con 20, 3601 E. Broadway Blvd., (800) 326-3264, ext. 902,