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Best Middle Eastern

Ali Baba Restaurant and Market

A Middle Eastern menu can range from the fried lamb kebabs of Iran to the delicate flavors of the hummus from Lebanon. At Ali Baba, all of these exotic tastes are on display at very affordable prices. As an introduction to the region's cuisine, ask your friendly server to bring you the sampler plate. Providing 11 different selections in very eatable portions, it contains a delicious falafel of fried vegetables mixed with garbanzo beans, crispy spinach pie and garlic dip that goes perfectly with pita bread. Add in the taste of jallab, a cold raisin drink topped with fresh pine nuts, and you will experience the sensation of floating around the globe on a White Balloon of gourmet pleasure.

Runners up:

2. Sinbad's Fine Middle Eastern Cuisine, 810 E. University Ave., 623-4010

3. Aladdin, 3699 N. Campbell Ave., 320-0468