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Best Mexican

El Charro Cafe

El Charro has been serving up burros, rice and beans for nearly a century in this town. What's the secret to the Flores family's long run? We happen to think there's a lot that goes into the show, from the festive atmosphere to the regular experimentation with the menu to the classic meals like the carne seca plate and the USA Today chimichanga. But what brings us back, again and again, is that fantastic salsa we've been hooked on for years. As far as we're concerned, that stuff is nothing less than magic.

Runners up:

2. Cafe Poca Cosa

110 E. Pennington St.


3. Penca

50 E. Broadway Blvd.


— Is this actually a problem?: One vote for "Any place where the hipsters don't go"

— Yes, the category does say "Best Mexican," but really?: One vote for "Gabriel Iglesias"