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Best Mexican Soups

Maria's Café

3530 S. Sixth Ave.

STAFF PICK: Given the crop of good Mexican restaurants in this town, it's often difficult to narrow the choices down to one. One way is to focus on specialties, and for our money, there's no better place to enjoy a bowl of soup than Maria's. Servings come in two sizes (large and small); and the caldo de queso (some of the best in town, especially when bumper crops of fresh green chiles hit the local stands) can be ordered with either white or yellow cheese to further customize your order. Lastly, Maria's boasts an amazing variety of soups for our every mood and appetite. Feeling perky? A spicy bowl of albondigas is just the thing to put an additional spring in your step. Got the blues? How about a nice bowl of chicken soup with rice? On a health kick? Try the cocido, and don't be afraid to use your fingers to nibble on that small ear of corn on the cob. Served with warm corn or flour tortillas (always fresh), Maria's soups never fail to hit the spot.