Best Of Tucson®

Best Mexican Radio Station

KCMT FM 102.1, aka La Caliente

One of the Tucson Weekly's contributors has just three buttons programmed on her crappy little truck radio: NPR (KUAZ FM 89.1/AM 1550), KXCI FM 91.3, and La Caliente. Ciento dos punto uno! La Caliente is the perfect antidote to both Jan Brewer and that poor sad-sack Amy Goodman. The station plays old-school norteña and corridos, real Colombian cumbias and a smattering of contemporary droopy romanticos. But it's really about the Sinaloan banda: kickass headbanger 18-man brass-band polka party music. Roll down the windows; crank it up; and slow-cruise the parking lot at La Encantada.