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Best Mexican Fast Food/Drive-Thru

Nico's Mexican Food

Open 24 hours, Nico's is the place to be at 2 a.m. It's famous among Tucson bar-goers (hipsters and frat boys alike) as the best post-drinking-binge burrito joint en la ciudad. Food is served amazingly fast and is inarguably delicious; the reliably enormous, carb-heavy dishes are just the things to soak up large amounts of liquor in anyone's belly. We highly recommend the breakfast burrito, full of hardy potatoes, fluffy eggs and crisp bacon (it's rumored to be a proven hangover eliminator); the succulently greasy carne asada nachos; and the humongous, beautifully presented "super fries."

Runners up:

2. Los Betos Mexican Food

Various locations

3. The Taco Shop Co.

Various locations

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