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Best Mexican Fast Food/Drive-Thru

Nico's Mexican Food

But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won victory over himself. And so it was that Winston came to accept his obsession with Nico's nachos supreme. He had seen all the other people order tacos and burritos and combination plates, but he ordered only the nachos, which were generally enough for two or even three people, but barely enough for him—all those chips, the cheese, the pico de gallo and the amazing beef, seasoned with garlic and packed with flavor. Of course, he didn't want to overdo things, so he had them hold the guacamole and keep the sour cream away. Just as they were, everything was all right.

Runners up:

2. Los Betos Mexican Food

Various locations

3. The Taco Shop Co.

Various locations

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