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Best Mexican Fast Food/Drive-Thru

Nico's Mexican Food

There's something about the witching hour that screams out, "Carne asada burrito!" Luckily, the Old Pueblo is stacked with late-night Mexican-food eateries, so you won't have to listen to the screams for long. While people in other towns have to fulfill their quick cravings for beans, salsa, cheese, and tortillas by making a "run for the border," here, actually on the border, we are lucky to have Nico's, with 10 locations, most of them open all the time. But Nico's isn't just a place for night owls with the munchies--many of us would choose it over a fancier Sonoran-style joint any day (or morning, for that matter) of the week. The portions are huge, the prices are low and the wait is short.

Runners up:

2. Los Betos Mexican Food, Various Locations

3. Viva Burrito, Various Locations