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Tania's "33" Dos Mundos

It's a hangover remedy. It's a Christmas-season family tradition. It's a breakfast soup. It's a giveaway on where your family comes from—red or white. It can also be an acquired taste, so if you're going to try the tripe and hominy soup best to try it at Tania's 33. The Barrio Hollywood restaurant makes delicious food you can eat in house or take home, and like the other soups on the menu you can order a gallon to go. Make that several gallons and you have a breakfast party for friends and family on any Sunday morning—just don't forget the tortillas and be generous with the lime and cilantro. And please, for the love of Tucson people, don't judge the cousins who order red. They are misguided, but sometimes you just have to recognize to each his own.

Runners up:

2. El Minuto Cafe

354 S. Main Ave.


3. Rigo's Restaurant

5851 N. Oracle Road


— Wait, what?: One vote for "My Eye has a Bird"

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