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Teresa's Mosaic Café

Menudo is like kryptonite to some people—they buckle at the knees and avoid it like the plague. Too bad for them. Yeah, there's a lot of bad menudo out there, but when it's done right, it's exquisite. And Teresa's Mosaic Café, a long-time Mexican foodie destination on the westside, does it right. You can get red or white (colorado or blanco), and it's served with the traditional add-ins of oregano, green onion, cilantro, lemon and crushed chiltepin. You can order a small bowl on the side, or a big bowl of the rich, steamy tripe soup as a full meal. Add a lightly buttered pan birote, and life is muy, muy bueno ...

Runners up:

2. El Minuto Café

354 S. Main Ave.


3. TIE

Micha's Restaurant

2908 S. Fourth Ave.



614 N. Grande Ave.


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