Best Of Tucson®

Best Men's Fashions


735 N. Fourth Ave.

READERS' PICK: The lack of sartorial skills in the men in this Naked Pueblo (which might be an improvement ...) is well documented. Yet saints and bodhistatvas lurk in the most unusual places to bring aid to those in fashion need. One such little spot is located at the north end of the Fourth Avenue shopping district. And based on our readers' savvy, you're on to it, by voting Zoe Best Men's (and Women's) Fashions. We hope we see the results on the street soon, because Zoe is filled with some great-looking duds. Specializing in items that say "I'm hip to the ways of big-city fashion," Zoe also carries those pieces that say "I know enough to pick out good, solid basics that look appropriate and won't embarrass my companion(s)."

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: Summit Hut, 5045 E. Speedway Blvd. Sometimes the hardest part of getting the men in Tucson to dress better is just getting them started. Even though we live in a culture consumed by consuming, it doesn't always translate to men and their clothes. That's what makes Summit Hut such a gem. It's easy to get a guy to walk through the door. Stuffed with great outdoor stuff, the Hut lures the unsuspecting guy with visions of tents and flyrods, and when his guard is down, hits him with ... (arrrggghh!) fashion! With all the great-looking shirts and shorts awaiting the male shopper, there's a better-than-average chance that he'll want to try something on. And with that the battle is almost won. Color, texture, pattern, comfort and no crappy beer logos (wish we could say the same for our outdoors)--there are really no bad choices here.