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This is a true story: Mr. R__l, a distinguished local columnist and reviewer of classical music and theater, recently needed a new pair of black dress shoes. (In his profession, good dress shoes are, of course, a necessity.) Having reached that stage of life at which quality begins to matter--a lot--he consulted a friend about where, this side of Phoenix, he might find a pair of Allen Edmonds "sleek and quasi-Italian" "Byron" style, black, size 11B, price approximately $300. His friend wisely advised him to try Franklin's. He did, but the store did not have them in stock. The kind, regretful salesman offered to order them, but suggested that Mr. R__l might first want to try the Little Outlet at Crossroads Festival, just on the off-chance. There, to his astonishment and delight, Mr. R__l found his sleek, 11B Byrons, in black and at a $70 discount. He was so pleased that, clutching his find, he rushed back to Franklin's and ordered another pair (in brown, full-price) from the helpful salesperson. That's how Franklin's makes its customers feel.

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