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4340 N. Campbell Ave.

STAFF PICK: Originally noted for its classic take on Italian cuisine, Daniel's has broadened its stroke in the past year by including specialty menus celebrating the cuisine of the Mediterranean. To be sure, this includes a good number of the Italian dishes we've come to know and love over the years; but now diners can take in a bit more of the European coastline as well. Greece in particular is well-represented, with an exquisite presentation of lamb delicately seasoned with sage and rosemary. We were amazed that lamb chops a good 3-inches thick were cooked to our specifications without difficulty. We also recall a dessert that made us go weak in the knees: a chocolate molten cake cooked when and only when you give the order. Served warm and emanating an intoxicating cocoa high, this is a dessert for serious chocophiles only. A thoughtful and well-chosen wine list complements the menu beautifully.

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