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TIE: The Shelter and Sullivan's Steakhouse

The Shelter

Where else would you really go to get a martini other than The Shelter? Nearly every bar can make one, sure, but the classic cocktail is certain to taste better in a bar where nearly everything recalls the 1960s, from the bar’s concrete-block faux-bomb-shelter construction to the pre-digital pinball machines. The Shelter offers a number of martini options, including drinks featuring pomegranate or chocolate flavors—but do everyone a favor, and keep it simple: always gin, the way God intended. We’re not sure how JFK, whose image is in nearly every sightline the bar offers, took his drink, but we’re certain pomegranate wasn’t involved.

Sullivan's Steakhouse

With a martini glass in its logo, you can bet Sullivan’s Steakhouse merits Best Martini honors. Folks have toasted the classy chophouse for its fabulous food and drinks at various locations around the country—and just wait until you get a sip of these martinis. You can melt your end-of-the-world woes with the “Creamsicle Martini”; note your last business boast with the “CEO Martini”; have a wild finale with the “Red Over Heels Martini”; or fearlessly go for broke with an orange-vodka cocktail called “The Knockout.” Thanks to the apocalypse, you won’t even wake up with a hangover!

Runners up:

3. TIE

Kingfisher Bar and Grill

2564 E. Grant Road


Sky Bar

536 N. Fourth Ave.


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