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Best Martini

The Shelter

James Bond wasn't exactly a superhero, but considering his unbelievable spying skills, his ability to constantly defy death, and his female-attracting charisma, he might as well have been. Maybe he was born with it—or maybe it was all of those sexy martinis he drank. Either way, if you want to channel Bond through booze, Tucsonans say the best place to do it is the Shelter. This funky, retro dive bar is stuck firmly in the '60s, when it was founded, and its décor won't let you forget it. The martinis are raved about online and off, and there are lots of varieties, from chocolate to something called the "Alien Secretion." Of course, you can order the classic James Bond—just so you can tell the bartender to make it shaken, not stirred.

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1785 E. River Road


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