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Best Martini

Sullivan's Steak House

OK, so maybe the bank-bailout money hasn't trickled down to you yet. There's solace in the bottom of a martini glass—preferably containing high-end vodka and some blue-cheese-stuffed olives. Sullivan's (or Sully's, as we like to call it after a couple) is your place, offering 10 or so martinis. Drink in the dark, wood-paneled ambiance, and let the live jazz lift your spirits as you sip The Knockout, Sully's signature martini, with pineapple and Smirnoff orange vodka. Thursdays and Sundays feature $5 martinis and bar entrées, so you'll still have enough cash to buy a sympathy round for the Gordon Gekko-type brooding at the bar.

Runners up:

2. The Shelter

4155 E. Grant Road


3. NoRTH

2995 E. Skyline Drive