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Best Martini

Sullivan's Steakhouse

James Bond drinks them shaken, not stirred. Nick Charles (William Powell, as the Thin Man) always had one at the ready. It's the only option for a throw-a-drink-in-someone's-face-as-a-prelude-to-romance scene. The martini is the ultimate cinema drink: sophistication in a glass. And while the two aforementioned gentlemen might scoff at some of the options--Chocolate Diva, Lemon Drop, Sullivan's Knockout made with fresh pineapple (probably the reason Sullivan's won)--here they would appreciate the bartenders' martini-building skills. The staff is very professional; you seldom have to wait very long for your drinks, even on nights when the place is packed with young professionals. On cooler nights, the glass wall slides open to give everyone a little more room to mingle.

Runners up:

2. TIE
  • Kingfisher Bar and Grill, 2564 E. Grant Road, 323-7739
  • The Shelter, 4155 E. Grant Road, 326-1345