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Best Marijuana Dispensary

Downtown Dispensary

221 E. Sixth St. #105

Whether you want to howl like a coyote at midnight or chill like a sleepy gecko on a warm rock, you'll find the meds you need at Downtown Dispensary. They've got your Redwood Kush, your Blue Dream, your Jilly Bean, your Pineapple Express. They brew their own smooth MedLava concentrates and carry your brownies, your chocolate bars, your gummies, your sodas and your tinctures. You'll want to take advantage of the daily specials, especially Wildcard Wednesday, when you can pick any daily special of the week. And you can even order online and just swing by to pick up your order at your convenience. It's little wonder that an operation this smooth has already expanded to new eastside location at Kolb Road and 22nd Street.

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3. Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center