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Casa Molina

Four locations

STAFF PICK: Fiery debate has raged for years over the merits of Casa Molina's signature, lime-infused cocktails. Individuals with a predilection for powder-puff drinks -- you know, the kind that are whipped, slushed or puréed into a sickeningly sweet goo, poured into a decorative glass and served with a cherry on top -- are appalled at the machismo of Casa Molina's margarita. Its splash of genuine lime juice is extremely tart. They'll gladly prepare it for you in the frozen fashion, but purists prefer them on the rocks. Either way, Molina's margarita is not for the lighthearted (or lightweighted). We're talking real tequila, real much so, that if you came with car keys in your pocket, you'd better plan on having someone to pass them to. This dousing of tequila, cut with a splash of orange liqueur, packs a wallop that'll send you to the moon on gossamer wings. Order them by the pitcher, large or small.

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: El Charro Café, 311 N. Court Ave.; 6310 E. Broadway Blvd. (See Best Mexican Fine Dining, page 65.)

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