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Best Lowbrow Bar Ambiance

The Buffet

538 E. Ninth St.

READERS' PICK: The Buffet is a Tucson institution. It's the place to go for more festive denizens of our little desert community. You have to be REALLY festive to hit the bar before 10 a.m.! But this is just business as usual at the Buffet. There is just something about the decor that says "welcome." No matter how bad your day was, somebody here can probably put it in perspective for you (especially if they've been there since before 10 a.m.) You just haven't lived until you've put down a few jumbos and given their fine pool table a workout. Do yourself a favor: Get on down to Buffet and live a little!

READERS' POLL RUNNER-UP: The Golden Nugget Tavern, 2617 N. First Ave. According to Webster's, lowbrow is an uncultivated person. Well, if our readers decided that "The Nug" is lowbrow, then so be it. I would argue, however, that the Nugget's status ought be one of Cheers-like proportions. The bar serves up great drinks at a reasonable price in a relaxed atmosphere. The jukebox caters to any music fan and the Nugget boasts standard bar fare--pool tables, a shuffleboard, darts and pinball. Not only can you party at the Nugget, but you can also bring the party home by buying beer to go. So, belly up to the bar, sit in a booth or hang out by the pool tables--any place is great if you are at the Nugget.

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