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World Famous Golden Nugget

Had a bad magic show? Rabbits didn't come out of the hat? Your saw-a-woman-in-half bit went awry? Sounds to us like you need a drink, Houdini Jr. Let us take you to the World Famous Golden Nugget! SEE their amazing reverse happy hour from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., when well drinks cost you $2.50! HEAR the amazing sounds coming from their AMI digital jukebox, which you can play over your phone! You'll GASP when you see there are not one, not two, but FOUR pool tables! LOOK at the shuffleboard table! SPOT the Austin Powers pinball machine! GO to the AZ Lotto vending machine! WIN a toy from the claw machine! SING away your troubles with karaoke on Sunday nights!

Runners up:

2. The Buffet Bar and Crock Pot

538 E. Ninth St.


3. The Shelter Cocktail Lounge

4155 E. Grant Road


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