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The Buffet Bar and Crock Pot

In times of great peril, we all need company. Friends, relatives, loved ones—or just the comfort of strangers will do. That’s why there’s no place better to wait for the bombs to drop than that constant standby in the Iron Horse neighborhood, The Buffet. They have enough tanks of Coors and jumbo hot dogs simmering in a crock pot to ward off any ills from the last days. As long as there are games of pool and shuffleboard, everything’s going to be OK. Here are a few quarters; put some Bruce on the jukebox. The eclectic mix of professional boozers, downtown hipsters and college kids will entertain and comfort you from dusk ’til dawn.

Runners up:

2. The Shelter

4155 E. Grant Road


3. Che’s Lounge

350 N. Fourth Ave.


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