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Best Lowbrow Bar Ambiance

The Buffet

Remember when you were a kid, and your parents used to throw those parties where they served a buffet with disgusting food like casserole? Yeah, this isn't that kind of buffet—even though it once was a buffet, and there are always hot dogs and polish sausages simmering in beer in the "formerly-almost-state-of-the-art" crock pot. "The Buff" is Tucson's oldest bar, established in 1934, and it looks its age. You want a beer on tap? Coors, it is! In fact, it's the only beer on tap. Add the legendary "Happy Minute," with two-for-one drinks exactly at 6 p.m., and a buck for whatever you're drinking at 11, and you've got a recipe for what Esquire magazine calls "a classic Arizona dive."

Runners up:

2. The Shelter

4155 E. Grant Road


3. Che's Lounge

346 N. Fourth Ave.